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Spruce Run Reservoir Initiative Project

Spruce Run Reservoir photo

Protecting both the quality and quantity of water supplies is a fundamental purpose of watershed management.The watersheds feeding the Spruce Run Reservoir in Central New Jersey (the States third largest reservoir) are currently among the best quality in the Raritan Basin, but are at risk from changing land uses.Without additional protection of its 40 square mile watershed area, reservoir degradation will occur.The area is 81 percent in private ownership, much of it still undeveloped.However, major State and Federal highways dissect the area.

The goal of the Spruce Run Initiative is to prevent water quality degradation in Spruce Run Reservoir and its tributaries, and also to prevent the loss of reservoir safe yields.Three Townships and two Boroughs have each signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the New Jersey Water Supply Authority (NJWSA) to cooperate in meeting that goal in ways that benefit all partners and result in no loss of home rule.The Spruce Run Initiative has received both local and national recognition.The members of the Initiative focus on the following activities:

  • Acquisition of critical lands in the reservoir watersheds.
  • Watershed management to control the impacts of new land uses.
  • Watershed management to control the impacts of existing land uses.

Technical and Planning Studies

Spruce Run Initiative: Accomplishments 2001 Through 2006
This report describes all the accomplishments from 2001 though 2006, including acquisition of nearly 2000 of the 6900 acres by December 2006, major stream restoration along a branch of Mulhockaway Creek in Hoffman Park, etc.

Spruce Run Reservoir Watersheds Critical Areas Preservation Plan
This 2002 plan identified over 6,000 acres of undeveloped lands that are considered critical to protection of water resources in the watersheds of the Spruce Run Reservoir.

Watershed Model for Watersheds of the Spruce Run Reservoir
This 2003 report presents findings of a SWMM model for pollutant loadings to tributary streams of the reservoir under build-out conditions using 2002 zoning.

ANJEC Smart Growth Highway Corridor Study

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